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Defence Forces History

Courtesy of The Irish Defence Forces Media Center

DEFENCE FORCES HISTORYThis section of the Website traces the history of the Defence Forces from its foundation in 1913 to the present day. We hope that you find the information presented both interesting and helpful. The section does not attempt to answer all of your questions but it should provide you with a better understanding of the organisation that is the Irish Defence Forces. In particular it should encourage you to read further on the subject so that you can develop an informed insight into the origins of both the Defence Forces and of the country it serves so proudly and selflessly.

Foundation of the VolunteersThe Irish Volunteers, Óglaigh na hÉireann, were founded on 25 November 1913 at a public meeting held in the Rotunda Rink in Dublin.

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The 1916 RisingThe Irish Volunteers had a membership of 180,000 by mid 1914 but split over whether its members should enlist in the British Forces and fight in the European war.

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The War of Independence 1919 – 1921The War of Independence was initiated in January 1919 by a number of young, determined Volunteer leaders.

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The Civil War 1922 – 1923The Anglo-Irish Treaty, negotiated during the truce and signed on 6 December 1921, caused deep divisions within nationalist Ireland.

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Between the Wars 1923 – 1939In the autumn of 1923 it was decided to reduce the strength of the army and to reorganise it for peacetime. This entailed a reduction of 30,000 personnel.

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The Emergency 1939 – 1946On the outbreak of World War II, in September 1939, the Defence Forces mobilised at a strength of less than 20,000.

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Post Emergency Years 1946 – 1960
At the end of the Emergency the strength of the Defence Forces was reduced to an establishment of 12,500. The Regular Army was now composed of three Brigades.

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The Sixties 1960 – 1969The United Nations mission in the Congo, which lasted from July 1960 to May 1964, opened up new horizons for the Defence Forces. Overseas service highlighted many shortcomings.

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Into The Modern Era
In 1969 the outbreak of violence in Northern Ireland marked the start of an intense period of Aid to the Civil Power (ATCP) by all elements of the Defence Forces.

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The Modern EraThe late 1990’s heralded a new phase in the evolution of the Defence Forces with a major restructuring involving the removal of Command Headquarters.

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Peace Support OperationsThe involvement by the Defence Forces in Peace Support Operations has been continuous since June 1958 when the first group of Officers went to Lebanon

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