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IDFVA Calls all Politician’s and Senators to support the Veterans Charter.

The Irish Defence Forces Veterans Association has called on all Politician’s and Senators within Ireland to support the Veterans Charter July 2020.


The IDFVA asked for their support in getting this charter implemented into the Policy Document ( White Paper on Defence)  so that our veterans health and welfare issues can be dealt with in the same way as every other member of the Armed forces who has served their country within Europe and the modern world.
through specific Policy and charters so that they are recognised for their service to their state

The primary function of Government is the protection and defence of its citizens. Óglaigh na hÉireann, the Irish Defence Forces, fulfil that role on behalf of Government. In doing so, they sacrifice some civilian freedoms, face danger and have suffered serious injury and death in serving the State and its citizens. Members of the Irish Defence Forces remain the only individuals who swear an oath of Allegiance to Ireland and the Constitution. In return for this allegiance and service, the veterans our Army, Air Corps, Naval Service and their families deserve respect, support and fair treatment upon their discharge from service.
Such respect, support and fair treatment involves all of Irish society: Government, State Bodies, Private Business and Organisations and Citizens in recognising and valuing those men and women who have selflessly performed military duties and acted in aid to the civil powers.   Veterans Charter cert

All veterans Associations, organisations and individual Veterans should all be recognised and treated equally,  so that our voices are being heard and listened too,  so that we can help and support each other.
unfortunately this is not the case at present , The state are only recognise about 2% of all IDF veterans through two two Organisations /Associations.  while the majority are ignored and are not receiving the information, support, guidance or help from the DOD or Military Management ,
The Veterans charter will allow this process to become a fairer system for all veterans irrespective of association or not

If  you would like to become member of the IDFVA and have your say and voice heard,

then why not Join here IDFVA

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