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Report on the Commission on the Defence Forces 9th Feb 2022


Report on the Commission on the Defence Forces

was released on the 9th Feb 2022

The report does not make much difference on the Pay and Conditions of those still serving.
The commission also neglected to deal with any real issues in relation to Veterans nor does it change the manner in which the select two groups are favored over all other veterans Associations ..

Over the coming months there will be discussions and debates around funding the Defence Forces, it is imperative that we lobby our TDs, and Ministers to support Level of Ambition 3 (LOA3) from the Commission’s recommendations.

What was really needed though was to retain and pay those serving. to improve their lives so they could help to keep us safe, and defend our country and its name at home and while working Overseas helping to gain stability and peace in the world.

Read it for yourself :
another wasted opportunity to fix and improve our present day Defence Forces, and to assist those who have served this country with Dignity , respect and loyalty

Together Forward
The voice for Veterans
Irish Defence Forces Veterans Association 

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